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Friday, December 27, 2013

25 evident life lessons being 25

"The people that you encounter daily are the most important part of your legacy! <3 This truth is my faviorite."

1.) Friends are more important than money: 
I am talking about the real friendships that are healthy and helping foster growth in your life especially those that you can completely be yourself around.

I worked for Lululemon at such a perfect time in my late adolescence and early adulthood development and I was fortunate enough to learn this truth about 6 years ago and each year it has proven to have a deeper meaning to me than the previous year. I find it interesting that this was the first thought that came to my mind when I started to type this list. This year I have learned and am still learning how to evaluate and set healthy boundaries for myself in my friendships/ relationships and thus is one of my greatest and most challenging works in progress.

2.) Be yourself: So often people want you to become like the way they think you should be rather than just accepting you for who you already are. This year I have became better at identyfying when people are not appreciating me for me.

3.) You don't need much when you know your importance.

4.) God first and everything else second.

5.) Your thoughts can be your worst enemy.

6.) Depression is to common in our society and in our social circles and is really a product of the thoughts that we allow to fester. Catch it before it catches you!

7.) Finances: Use money, don't let money use you.

8.) Mentors are one of the greatest blessings.

9.) Arguing is counter productive to who I am.

10.) The world is your oyster but there is no place that compares to home and home is where your family and friends are.

11.) Don't take life to seriously.

12.) Health insurance, what a mess.

13.) The people that you encounter daily are the most important part of your legacy! <3 This truth is my faviorite.

14.) Contentment: nothing lasts forever.

15.) Not owning much feels good! I love that I don't have a house or car payment and I seriously don't desire either at this point in my life.

16.) Patience pays off. Waiting on God's timing is not always easy but I hope that when I look back five years from now I will see how perfect his timing truly is and praise him for his brilliant work. I know his plans are good and he is teaching me to trust in him more and to lean on him more than ever before in my lifetime. For me this year there has seemed to be more valleys then there has been peaks and I have an inkling that next year is going to have more peaks than valleys :)!

17.) God answers prayers as my current job is evidence!

18.) Responsibility can be a blessing and a curse.

19.) How vital and important my church family is to me.

20.) How important it is to like where you work and what you do, thank God I like both!! It feels amazing!

21.) Don't internalize other people's stress. Continue to focus only on what you can control and leave the rest up to God. #Easiersaidthandone

22.) Spend less time dwelling on the future and spend more time being present with your reality that you are living.

23.) Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself. Another great reminder that came to my mind from the good ole days at Lulu and it helps that this bright pink quote is staring at me from up top in my closet oosing out from my craft box. So, I went with typing it. ;)

24.) The 5 people you surround yourself with, you become like. This has been something that I have been trying to become more aware of as experience and experiment has proven this statement to be true in my life.

25.) Actions speak louder than words.  


  1. Wow ! Kara, you are an awesome, beautiful and wonderfully inspiring young lady....for the few brief occasions we have actually spent time together, I feel like you are such a special part of my life...your daily positive outlook on life and words of wisdom make me smile time and time again...you are BEAUTIFUL and I wish you all that life and God has to offer you...I love you, really want to spend time with you in the new year (face-to-face!!) and I truly hope you have a spectacular 2014!

  2. Vicki, love you! Thanks for the kind words, I think very highly of you as well and would love to get together for a cupa coffee soon! ;) That would be great fun, you have an amazing positive outlook yourself!